Stay Home & Stay Stylish during COVID-19 pandemic

I often used to wear this combination of styles during this stay at home in summer. This feels to be more fashionable in these days by Yukti Sharma

Photo Credit: Yukti Sharma Photographic by : Shubhanshu Sharma

This may haunt you like anything in this lockdown. During this lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic, you might get bored staying at home. There is no option to go out either for your work or with your friends and family. Also, there are no shopping malls, parlor and spa open you to visit for you. But still, have an urge to stay stylish while staying at home during this lockdown period in summer? Don’t worry! I will suggest you some tips with which you will look both fashionable and comfortable during this stay at home in summer.

What to wear?

Photo Credit: Yukti Sharma | Photography by: shubhanshu sharma

Stay home, generally, we used to wear some comfortable clothes like cotton mainly. But if you don’t have enough cotton clothes in your wardrobe, then we will make you choose from the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Here are some fantastic suggestions for you to look more beautiful with your wardrobe clothing by staying at home

Photo Credit: Yukti Sharma | Photography by: shubhanshu sharma
  • You can wear an Anarkali style, Kurti, with palazzo, which is very comfortable during this hot summer. Even you can use this Anarkali Kurti as a dress during this summer.
  • Your second option is slightly a traditional one. Wear a long skirt and drape any one of your sarees from your wardrobe over it. On top, you can wear a short crop top matching with the saree. No need to do any long plaits at the bottom.
Photo Credit: Yukti Sharma | Photography by: shubhanshu sharma
  • You can also wear a combination of short dresses and a long skirt. This combination is very trendy nowadays.
  • Wear your fashionable trousers with a short t-shirt or long t-shirt. Even you can combine shirts that you cannot wear any official meeting, with those fashionable trousers.
  • In general, you can also wear a crop top pairing with your favorite jumpsuits. This will look very elegant with high fashion sense at home in summers.
  • Pair your favorite shorts with any mid-length top or any short t-shirt. This is an ideal combination for summer.

Now, you may have an interest in some home-made tips required to pamper yourselves during this home-stay period. 

What are the home-made tips to pamper yourself?

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, we all have been locked down in our homes. There is no way to visit the parlor for doing pedicure, manicure, facial, and many more. So, now to pamper yourselves, we will suggest you some home-made tricks that can be done. 

For the following home-made methods, we need some which are readily available in our homes:

Pedicure & manicure

  1. Mix water and regular use handwash in a bowl and clean your feet/hand with this mixture. Then after washing it out, scrub your feet/hand with sugar and oil together for at least five minutes for each foot. After scrubbing, wash it with cold water and apply moisturizer for smooth skin. You can repeat this method twice in a week.
  2. Another way is to wash your feet/hand with milk for 2 minutes. Then for scrubbing, you can use rice powder (grind rice in a grinder) and one tablespoon oil and mix it to apply on the feet/hand. Gently massage your foot for 5-7 minutes. Wash it off and use a foot cream.

Home facial

Photo Credit: Yukti Sharma | Photography by: shubhanshu sharma
  1. You can mix coffee, sugar, and coconut oil in a bowl and scrub it on your face for 3 minutes. Wash your face, and you will have brighter skin. In this formula, coffee acts as an exfoliating and anti-aging agent.
  2. In the second method, you have to first clean your face with a cotton ball soaked in milk or Dabur Gulab Jal.
Photo Credit: Yukti Sharma | Photography by: shubhanshu sharma

Then for scrubbing, you have to again mix besan along with raw milk. You have to scrub your face for 10 minutes for better results and wipe out with a wet tissue. 

Next, you need to massage your face with any face moisturizer to increase the blood circulation.

Finally, make a mixture with white flour or besan, milk, and one pinch of turmeric to apply it like a face mask. Wait for 15 minutes and wash it. Enjoy your brighter and glowing skin!


For facial hair or on hands & legs, you might be worrying about waxing at home. There is a simple home-made remedy to wax with some daily essentials available at home.

  1. Take a pan and add sugar, honey, a pinch of turmeric, and lemon juice in it.
  2. Boil the mixture till the sugar melts.
  3. Check the mixture temperature and apply it on a leg or hand with a spatula.

In this article, we have provided you with all the remedies that will make you fashionable and beautiful during this lockdown period. Try these amazing remedies at home and remember, “Stay home, stay safe.”

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